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For Business Owners & Their Employees

Services & Support to Pursue Your Vision of Success

Our team offers integrated tax, accounting and financial guidance to help simplify finances for your employees and their families. Coleman & Associates has established working relationships with a network of attorneys, management and pension consultants and insurance advisors to deliver personalized solutions that help nurture your business's growth and give you the freedom to transfer wealth beyond your working years. Trust us to be your partner in building the business you desire.

Retirement Plan Consulting

For businesses with retirement plans in place, Coleman & Associates offers comprehensive consultations to ensure your plan complies with regulations and meets performance benchmarks. Our expertise, informed decision making and consistent oversight help reduce risk exposure and keep your retirement plan aligned with your business needs.

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Fractional CFO

Elevate your financial leadership with Coleman & Associates' Fractional CFO services. Get seasoned financial guidance without the full-time commitment. Our experts work alongside you, offering strategic insights, data-driven decisions and financial foresight. Gain the advantage of a seasoned financial leader tailored to your business needs and equipped to drive growth.

Employee Benefits

Stay competitive in attracting and retaining top talent in your industry with our help in designing and managing your business's retirement plan. We offer ongoing guidance, navigate changing regulations and markets and ensure your plan continues to meet industry standards. Our expertise can help you craft a plan that meets your business’s and employees’ unique needs.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Coleman & Associates provides professional business valuation services to determine your company's actual value. Our meticulous appraisal methods analyze financial performance, industry trends and market dynamics so you have the data to confidently make strategic decisions about mergers, acquisitions and exit strategies.

Tax Planning

Maximize profits and minimize tax implications with our tailored tax planning approach. Our team can help you identify potential tax advantages and expertly manage withdrawals to align with your income and business objectives. Our tax-focused solutions help you meet your needs while also creating choices for the future of your business.

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Choice of Entity

Set a solid foundation for your business with Coleman & Associates. Our team simplifies the complexities of establishing your corporate structure, ensuring compliance and efficiency throughout the process. From entity selection to registration and documentation, our services are personalized to your specific needs.

Fully Integrated Tax & Accounting Support

At Coleman & Associates, our professionals specialize in simplifying intricate tax matters and financial reporting for small and medium sized business enterprises. We are dedicated to helping you comply with all the complex rules and regulations that govern today's affairs and guide your planning toward a successful future. 


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